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Denise's Family Law and Divorce Doc Assistance saved time and money. Their expertise was so helpful in navigating through our legal court system. The doc prep proved to be the key. She has greatly helped me out over and over. I have a x-wife, who's profession is making my life difficult, instead of helping out and getting a job. It is a constant battle. I am so thankful for Denise and Gina's great service in my corner when needed. I cannot thank them enough. You will be very satisfied if you use their services.
- Paul Brown, Brentwood, Ca. 2012

Denise is totally honest and nice. She was there for me when I was going through roughest time in my life. I would recommend her services to anyone.
- Scott, Walnut Creek

Denise's Family Law was very helpful, I just could not find the time in 3 years to finish my divorce paperwork so I decided it was time to find someone who could help finalize my divorce in the quickest, most professional way possible. I called a few places, attorneys (wanted a high retainer). Self-help (do it yourself basically, same boat) and paralegals (cost less than an attorney but more than Denise Family Law). I spoke with the staff at Denise Family Law, they returned my calls promptly and scheduled an appointment within a few days. Denise got the job done in a HOUR!!! All paperwork done and filed within the next 2 business days. Thank you Denise!
- Stacie 2012

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